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Winter Storm Gudrun (2005)

Winter storm Gudrun, also known as winter storm Erwin, was one of the most damaging European storms. It caused a significant surge, including a new high level record in several places in the Baltic sea.

Meteorological history.

Gudrun/Erwin developed as a low pressure system south of Newfoundland on 6th Jan 2005, strengthening as it moved into the North Atlantic. The storm passed over Scotland and Northern Ireland on the 8th, reaching the Baltic on the 9th. At this time it had a minimum central pressure of 960mb. It dissipated over the following days, finally dissipating over Russia on 13th January.

Storm surge and aftermath.

Among others, Gudrun set storm surge records at Limfjord, Denmark (226cm) and Parnu, Estonia, (275cm)

Satellite and in-situ data.

Data for this event is given in the eSurge database for the North Sea and Baltic sea.

Links and resources.

General resources:

Impacts of Gudrun/Erwin:

On the storm surge specifically:

  • paper by Suursaar et al.

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