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Workshop on Satellite Data for Storm Surge Modelling and Forecasting.

The eSurge workshop on Satellite Data for Storm Surge modelling was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-11 September 2012. 

The workshop report is available for download here.

Presentations can be downloaded from the ftp site detailed below. Unfortunately, due to the large size of the files only pdf versions are available; please contact the authors directly.

The main conclusions of the workshop were:

  • There are a range of ways that satellite data could be incorporated into storm surge models; the usefulness of the data is not limited to model validation. 
  • Interest in storm surges is not confined to those areas which were initially identified by eSurge; additional areas which could be useful to incorporate include Japanese waters, Australia and the River Plate estuary.
  • There is a strong interest in coastal altimetry and blended products, principally but not exclusively for model validation. The main output quantity of interest is TWLE, however other fields are needed for different purposes.
  • Data assimilation is recognised as a particular challenge. This will not be solved within the frame of eSurge, however the project can make considerable progress by identifying promising ways forward. The project can also help by building a data assimilation working group, which can form the basis of a community that can steer future development.
  • The training provided should focus on the end goals which can be achieved with EO data, whilst using the new eSurge service. It should be mainly aimed at forecasters, modellers and others with some existing knowledge. It should be designed incorporating lessons learned from previous courses hosted by WMO and others.
  • Many of the key users who we want to engage, especially operational users, will only become involved once there is data coming through the system. There needs to be a renewed emphasis on outreach after eSurge passes its acceptance review. 

We would like to thank all the workshop participants, and we hope to see many of you again at future events.